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Welcome to my online store and thanks for stopping by!!!

Resin crystal sets are made with so much fun!

This set includes the 4 shown in the photo. (some colours can slightly vary due to screen/devices etc...., photo's and eyes picking up varied tones so please be mindful of these when purchasing online products, ta)

I like to use the phrase perfectly imperfect and that's why crystals are so special.

I promise you, these crystals are so amazing in real life, the photo's can never capture the glitter & shine these beauties hold!

 Each resin crystal is hand poured and therefor a one off unique piece and handmade here in Sydney by me Ema Lou.

No 2 crystals are the exactly the same, being handmade this is why i love these, we are not a factory making these in bulk, we are a family run small business which i love!
In the set the crystal sizes vary from the smallest being approx 4  1/2 cm to 7cm in height.

I created these resin crystals this year after wanting some really beautiful bright coloured designs that i couldn't buy that also included glitter because i looooooooooooooove glitter (i have a huge collection of natural crystals too but you can see i love my rainbows & super vibrant colours & tones)
The crystal shapes are made by moulds using natural crystals so i could still get that organic natural earthy shape for each design.
I'm obsessed with Aura crystals, they are so magical, if you love colour, you should look up more on them, they represent so much beauty!
I based these collections around the inspiration they bring to me.

After making a few for my personal collection i have had requests to make some for my online store and am so pleased to share all of them with you.
FYI......... These are not natural, they are man made (woman made, haha) so therefore there is no spiritual meaning behind them and are designed as a decorative item.
I work with all colours & believe these can be used for colour therapy, chakra work or colour meanings that you feel strongly about and still have a really warm connection to the item you like. 

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Thanks for visiting my online store!

Love & peace,
Ema Lou