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This is a collection of artworks made by me over the years, these have been sold and feel so grateful to each artwork finding a loving home. Each artwork is made with mixed media and every artwork is a one off and never the same, i often paint with no plan and let my intuition guide me and use whatever colours, textures, images & patterns i feel while painting that day. I don't force it and allow it to be a positive experience allowing that feeling to soak into the art.

Artworks often influenced by my tattoo work history that is still something i love with bold black lines and loads of colour and bright bold colourful feminine street art with a mix of floral work & mandala's!!!

I love using high flow paints that are fluid and do their own thing once poured which an important part of creating as it gives you the ability to let go and trust the process.

I can sometimes go through seasons of intense art making and so inspired that i can create so much art, i live & breathe it, day & night so i embrace that feeling and soak it up, it's the arty brain that kicks in, some months are quieter.

I also work around my children's days, i have the flexibility of being there for them and sometimes Mum duties are the biggest priority.

 A new set of artworks will be made this year sometime! Check my social media accounts for any updates too.

Ema Lou X.x